Care Home Accountants

Care Home AccountantsCare Home Accountants

Munna Manji has a great track record as care home accountants due to a large proportion of our client base being from that industry sector. Due to a high concentration of retirement homes than ever before and an aging population mean this will continue to be a major sector for us.

Recent changes in funding have impacted on occupancy levels. Clients for care homes are becoming more cost conscious and a move to ‘care in the community’ means that the care sector is facing challenging times.

Our team of specialist care home accountants provide advice to a large number of care home owners from Inverness to Southampton. This consists of owner-managed and privately owned care homes to large portfolios and groups which include:

  • Care homes
  • Nursing homes
  • Retirement / Residential Homes for the Elderly
  • Dual-use homes
  • Supported or Assisted living
  • Learning disability, challenging behaviour and specialist needs
  • Rehabilitation care homes
  • Foster care
  • Day care centre
  • Not forgetting care home workers who are self employed

Our specialist care home accountants understand no two care homes are alike and a dedicated account manager will provide expert advice unique to your business.

What Do You Get With Our Special Care Home Accountants Service?

  • Choosing a legal business structure
    • Sole trader
    • Partnership
    • Limited company (simple to complex structures)
  • Buying a home
    • Business plans
    • Freehold vs. Leasehold
    • Allocation of sale proceeds
  • Constant Proactive Accountancy and Tax Advice
  • Annual accounts preparation
  • Monthly or quarterly management accounts split for each home departmentally
  • FREE advice at initial meeting
  • Bookkeeping advice
  • Tax Return completion and tax compliance work (corporates, individuals or partnerships)
  • Specialist tax saving advice
  • Constant review and business planning
  • Home purchase advice and negotiation
  • Home sales advice and negotiations (including Capital Gains Tax Advice)
  • Business plans and financial forecasts
  • Payroll bureau service
  • Information technology advice and support
  • Installation of, training on, and configuration of accounting software using Sage and QuickBooks
  • Tax investigation services
    • Completeness of income
    • Private expenditure

To find out more about how we can help  with our care home accountants service please call us on 0208 426 0995 to speak to one of our experts who will be happy to listen to your requirements.

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