Care Home Accountants

Manji & Co. have a great track record as care home accountants because a large proportion of our client base is from that industry sector. Due to a higher concentration of retirement homes than ever and an aging population, this will continue to be a major sector for us.

Recent changes in funding have impacted on occupancy levels. Clients for care homes are becoming more cost-conscious and a move to ‘care in the community’ means that the care sector is facing challenging times.

Our team of specialist care home accountants provide advice to a large number of care home owners from Inverness to Southampton. This consists of owner-managed and privately owned care homes to large portfolios and groups which include:

  • Care homes
  • Nursing homes
  • Retirement / Residential Homes for the Elderly
  • Dual-use homes
  • Supported or Assisted living
  • Learning disability, challenging behaviour and specialist needs
  • Rehabilitation care homes
  • Foster care
  • Day care centre
  • Not forgetting care home workers who are self employed

Our specialist care home accountants understand no two care homes are alike and a dedicated account manager will provide expert advice unique to your business.

What Do You Get With Our Special Care Home Accountants Service?

  • Choosing a legal business structure
    • Sole trader
    • Partnership
    • Limited company (simple to complex structures)
  • Buying a home
    • Business plans
    • Freehold vs. Leasehold
    • Allocation of sale proceeds
  • Constant Proactive Accountancy and Tax Advice
  • Annual accounts preparation
  • Monthly or quarterly management accounts split for each home departmentally
  • Beneficial advice at the initial meeting
  • Bookkeeping advice
  • Tax Return completion and tax compliance work (corporates, individuals or partnerships)
  • Specialist tax saving advice
  • Constant review and business planning
  • Home purchase advice and negotiation
  • Home sales advice and negotiations (including Capital Gains Tax Advice)
  • Business plans and financial forecasts
  • Payroll bureau service
  • Information technology advice and support
  • Installation of, training on, and configuration of accounting software using Sage and QuickBooks
  • Tax investigation services
    • Completeness of income
    • Private expenditure